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This could affect Tony mentally to a point that he is no longer relevant in the racing scene. When Tony got close to him, driver dective keygen he hit the throttle. Was Tony driving in his mirror?

When you hit a throttle on a sprint car, the car sets sideways. Not surprising given his anger issues. Especially if you're still in the race line or the car is on fire. From the angle I see, it also appears that Stewart maintains his speed not taking into account the audio which quite possibly includes other cars on the track closer to the camera.

Tony Stewart Why I gunned engine before killing driver Kevin Ward JrTony Stewart Why I gunned engine before killing driver Kevin Ward Jr.

Okay that guy was crazy, but I'd like to know how Tony wasn't able to avoid him. Tony could block with the best of them but does not think anyone else should be able to use the tactic. Just heard on Sportscenter that Stewart plans on racing today in the Sprint Cup race. That part, is just racing, and the rookie acted the same kind of fool Stewart has on several occasions.

Tony Stewart Why I gunned engine before killing driver Kevin Ward Jr

Tony Stewart hits and kills driver on track

If he had not hit the gas the video would have a totally different effect. Witnesses arent worth much. At least that's what I'm told.

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Great Battles - Extended Discussions. If they're high on anything, it's adrenaline- which would sober up or counter the relaxed effects of marijuana. It is a senseless tragedy that did not have to happen. Cliffs Of Dover Read Only.

Tony Stewart hits and kills driver on track

Like I said, I need to watch the video. They didn't fix it correctly and the car stalls. Guaranteed that he's getting sued by the family. They all had the same view including Stewart, but Stewart knew exactly where the wreck was since he was involved in it.

The account I had read made it sound as if Stewart has made a poor decision, causing him to strike the other driver. Forums New posts Search forums. Silly me, I forgot I was dealing with a bunch of lawyers on Pennock's. Like I said Dark track Black suit and a guy wanting a piece.

Tony Stewart runs over and kills another driver. - Ford Flex Forum

Watch the video, can you tell if he stepped on the gas? They laud his toss as being good when he only hits the hood, when everyone knows he was trying to take out the windshield. They could get away with making those kinds of statements then, now that is nearly impossible without suffering political consequences. People crash all the time. No, create an account now.

If you have to leave the car you get off the track as fast as possible. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Falcon - Technical Issues. If so, what are his responsibilities to exit the track? It was on the national news when I came down this morning.

Some are loved, idolized and worshipped with such passion by rival drivers, fans and families. If Stewart had just put him in the wall and another driver was the one who struck and killed him, would it have even made news?

Taking the fans words for it, pro or anti Stewart is just ludicrous because of their extreme bias in either direction. The fact that the rescue truck came rolling in within a blink of an eye after Stewart ran over the guy tells you how far into the yellow they were. Sounds like Stewart was behind a car that veered to avoid Ward and Stewart really never got a chance to see he was on the track. Tony Stewart hits, kills driver who walks on track best, race car, replace.

Tony stewart kills driver forum

Soldiers could get it on leave, just numb out from the war. At least he could have used a beta blocker, instead of weed.

Tony Stewart Why I gunned engine before killing driver Kevin Ward Jr.

Were they under a yellow flag, and if so, what is the responsibility of the other drivers? One of the most highly skilled drivers in the world on his favored type of track.

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