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It also had awkward controls for the Arachne player, as it was a very small and thin deployable. The skill-cap is high, but the game is more forgiving than other similar games, single at least in my experience. Hopefully Hi-Rez develop this project!

  1. If you win, it places you with better people.
  2. This means she generally has a lot more positives than negatives in her current state.
  3. She also has a small yet devoted following of veteran players.

For the time being, we have decided to leave her alone. As exciting as those few minutes were, this made the rest of a match rather dull. She deals decent damage as a guardian, has some self healing, and has mobility herself. However, her laning phase was shaky at best.

Teams fight in lane then rotate to objectives, which are seeing the primary adjustments. She was part of the initial set of gods in the game. Like if you play Thanatos, god of death - your ultimate is flying up above the map! Every kill you get feels huge and when you're on a long killstreak or winstreak, you will keep playing so you can only improve upon yourself and once you do, you'll be one happy camper.

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My favorite alternate game mode is the Arena, where Hi-Rez absolutely nailed the gladiator coliseum experience. That way, you make your team lose, and it won't count against you. It's already happening, and yet Hi-Rez seems to be willfully ignoring the major issues, as usual. Honestly, I don't feel comfortable submitting my answers to this survey because I think it is not made to the best standard. Especially now that I've started to swing it in my favor by duo-queueing.

This will be a big part of the Project Olympus Initiative. You will also earn in-game currency for reaching milestones along the way. That being said, I rarely encounter them as of right now, but it just goes with the territory of being a moba. Allowing the jungler to get a head start from the rest of the team and allowing more flexibility in how they plan their jungle route after obtaining the speed buff. For the more fun modes, timed queues don't really make that much sense.

Originally Posted by Rivx. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. And if you win you gain points.

They work specifically on the matchmaking algorithm and they collect a vast amount of data about how players are matched. Having a long beta period allowed the developers Hi-Rez to stress test many aspects and also try out different approaches to how the map looks and created huge amounts of player feedback. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

We can preemptively act on issues like those, but many other things will have less predictable results. Gameplay in third person is really addicting. The first thing to be a sucessfull game is the desing and lore, this game has great art work and rich lore.

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Developer Update - Matchmaking Adjustments
SMITE Matchmaking Community Feedback Survey
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Matchmaking FAQ SmiteFire

Matchmaking FAQ

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  • We have to take into account all levels of play for balance.
  • Ones that are mentioned by name often, or mechanics and archetypes that come up often are always brought up and discussed internally.
  • Bug Fixing and Performance testing will also be a constant focus in the next few patches.
  • There is currently enough gods to play to not get bored after a few games.

This effect is especially potent when on a member of the Hunter Class, who generally lack effects like this and instead get large skillshots to deal additional damage. Conquest is also the game mode where you tend to see the most level disparity between players, so again we would want to look at Conquest only solutions. It's not necessarily pay-to-win, but you will see yourself spending money on the game. You don't know what can come out from your sides or behind you during game play. These factors have made this change very difficult to adjust to.

Mid-Season SmiteFire

We intend players of all lanes to move into their jungles and kill more things between waves, or challenge their opponents during this time. The multiple game-modes is quite refreshing, and I like the tempo of the game. This will now be shown clearly, and similar treatments will be applied to abilities on Kukulkan and Scylla. His late game damage potential pushes him above other Warriors, dating in mexico resulting in substantial burst damage that is difficult to react to. We want many gods to be viable.

The best thing about this game isn't its awesome graphics, interesting theme of mythology or even its refreshing take on a genre, but how well Hi-Rez studios interact with the community. King Arthur is a rule breaker though, and giving players proper information to fight against him is key. If all of these things were implemented as you stated, matchmaking would take long amounts of time to find players that meet these criteria. After playing over forty eight hours of the game, I can clarify that these statements are false. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

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SMITE Matchmaking Community Feedback Survey

This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Nerfing the top pick generally allows more gods to rise up, where buffing only affects the single god. Buff her even though she is already strong. Enemies will now want to engage at high health thresholds and a quick swap to bonus protections after the engage abilities have been used.

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SMITE Neo Olympia Patch Notes

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You get multiple maps and game-modes. This means that no matter how good you are, if you are getting stuck with bad players, you are guaranteed to go nowhere. We would have liked to nerf her sooner because of her extremely high win percentage in casuals, chatting but this would have almost certainly been met with community disagreement.

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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. So for this game is currently number one on my list. But my win percentage has gone down because of playing with randoms. Everything about this Smite is an amazing game from amazing developers. It has grown into a wonderful Moba.

Each item in this tree needed minor adjustments to reflect the change to Morningstar and have been listed below. There is still enough depth to counter build though, which makes items still important and it is fun when you get a feeling for them later on and start counter building. Great game especially for a newly launched officially game, with apparently many more god set for release has me looking forward to whats to come. Only how well you personally performed. Something wrong with the game all of a sudden?

The power buff from Turn of Fate is an interesting effect, but the duration being so short made it hard to make use of the buff. The Vital orbs create a lot of fun moments and promote aggressive gameplay, but the amount of impact they had on a match was too high. Sometimes Hi-Rez will make major changes to gods that I have purchased including re-skins and skill changes.

There is no way to check that right now, unless you're matched with someone on the global leaderboards. Been playing Smite for just over a year now. Has great amount of gods to play and has better community than other moba games. So, if you feel strongly enough that you want HiRez to pay attention, I suggest posting on their official forum as well. Clearly better than league of legends.

Sweeping changes across all gods will certainly have unintended effects. You will only have a smaller god pool to play from, as you will have to earn them with favor that you get after every match. Sooo much fun with friends too.

Insanely addicting, worth giving it at least a few hours and try a couple of different gods, most gods are viable, houston balance is great. Don't start if you don't want to lose all of your free time! We would surely learn something during development and make some adjustments.

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The one complaint I have with it isn't really the game itself but more the players of smite. What the heck is up with Smite tonight? Humorous Voice Packs, and of Smite has proved its worthy, especially to the management, they listen to the community! Matchmaking is no easy task. Ajax says the feedback for this matchmaking was strongly positive.

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