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LITEON - Jungleflasher won t detect dvd drive

After the drive is reset, you will notice the driver properties is not in vendor mode anymore. This driver makes our life so easy! Then, nvidia g force 2mx driver rename the original driver to viamaid. You have now successfully erased the firmware.

You will need them later on for sure. Spanish, Italian and Russian to follow. If you are using serial version of the key extractor, you can skip this step.

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This is my first time doing this, but I am quite hands-on when it comes to other consoles Xbox, Wii. Most Popular Xbox Hardware. Need help major dvd problem?

Then you have a uncompatible chipset. You notice that erase failed. Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel. Of course, once it is installed, you don't need to install it again.

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Dumping original Firmware - unlocked. Because you have already copied ixtreme to the firmware directory in the previous step. Windows will ask you to confirm, answer yes.

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This will delay key extract to allow time to position probe. Parse abort on key sector verification failure for Slim dummy. Every effort has been made to make key extraction as reliable as possible. Write down the directory path to that file, you will need it later on. Separate names with a comma.

Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Hitachi Support Bug fix - master checksum now set when auto-spoofing Stock Hitachi Master Checksum now set when spoofing stock Hitachi in firmtools. The half tray unlock also give windows - drive letter.

With both source and target files loaded, the relevant source data can be transferred to the Target a. Everything's going well so far. Most Recent Xbox Hardware. Noob Guide to Xbox Repair. No worries, now you need to power cycle the drive.

Will let you all know how it turns out tomorrow. Will not work on bit systems. But you can go to device manager to check it out. You don't need to do it here.

Multiple dumps are performed with comparison to account for the slightest chance that serial data may have become corrupt. Will use existing file or request for load if empty. Make sure the power cable is plugged in the right direction. Now you have your firmware spoofed.