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D-link Dwa-131 Linux Driver

Nearly impossible to debug, since running a sniffer on the Pi makes everything work as expected. On Debian requires the firmware-ralink package from the Squeeze-firmware non-free repository. An earlier version gave me problems. Use script from here for Wheezy. You can instantly upgrade your laptop or desktop and it's perfect for streaming or gaming.

Comes bundled with a low profile bracket. Periodically deconfigures itself layers and become unresponsive. All Models Phanteks be quiet! Ook ik had alles goed ingesteld maar mijn wifi dongle weigerde contact te maken met mijn router ondanks dat ik alles zoals hierboven beschreven staat goed had ingesteld!

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D-link dwa-131 linux driver

Requires mA max, hence recommended to use powered usb hub for extended operation. Tested in Arch, works out of box. An installation guide can be found here. When directly powered by Raspberry Pi, it fails after a few minutes. For automatic installation, See MrEngmanns script listed below under the Edimax device.

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Discussions & Opinions

Tested on Raspbian too drivers from aircrack-ng. Needs manual driver installation simple version and manual update after a kernel upgrade. Doesn't work in monitor mode with default drivers in latest Raspbian wheezy-raspbian due to lack of support of nl in driver.

Kills boot process if previously attached. An image of an adapter with this chip can be found here.

Tested with Raspbian - See installation instructions - Powered hub not required! Also works in an un-powered hub.

For Debian, the firmware must be installed instructions. Needs package firmware - Realtek and used wicd-curses to configure. Tested in Raspbian, used wicd to configure network settings. On Debian, requires the firmware-atheros package from the Squeeze-backports non-free repository!

Tested on Raspbian drivers from aircrack-ng. The rtlcu kernel driver is loaded automatically in the latest Raspian distribution. Works with Raspbian, driver for icd ms515 supports hostapd. Requires the ralink package from the non-free repository on Debian. This appears to be resolved on Wheezy-raspbian and newer versions.

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Carte USB DLink DWA R solu

Runs without Powered Hub when plugged into Raspberry Pi. Tested on Debian Wheezy, with the dongle attached directly to the Raspberry Pi along with the wireless keyboard receiver. Does not require powered hub. Follow these instructions, but go to ftp. Works fine if connected after boot.

This gets even worse when X is running. Verified working with wheezy-raspbian right out of the box. Tested on Debian Wheezy with Ralink firmware package. Tested after a factory reset of the Raspbmc.