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Ensure that all printer drivers have been installed for each application. Continued The files containing the network drivers are corrupted. Network controller The files containing the stopped working without network drivers are corrupted. The correct printer drivers for your application are not installed. Continued Possible Cause The cables may not be connected properly.

Compaq recommends that you finish the setup procedures for the preinstalled software before you install any optional hardware or third-party devices that were not included with the workstation. Password Security Intelligent Manageability Password Security The workstation supports security password features, which can be established through the Compaq Computer Setup Utilities menu. For more information on static electricity, or assistance with product installation, logitech z cinema linux drivers contact your Authorized Compaq Reseller.

Inhibits access to the interior of the workstation, which prevents unwanted configuration changes or component removal. Keyboard and Mouse The workstation ships with a keyboard and a three-button mouse. Prior to installing the replacement battery, read the following section. Install a cable lock not provided to secure the workstation to a fixed object. If you do have a problem with your workstation, consider the problems and possible solutions outlined in the following series of tables.

Graphics Processor Series. Keyboard Lights Keyboard Lights The following figure identifies the location of the three keyboard lights. Storage Controller Interface Type.

Turn off the workstation once more. The following figure shows the location of this slot. Make sure locking tabs align with the slots on the module.

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Continued Possible Cause The directory structure is bad, or there is a problem with a file. There is a danger of explosion and risk of personal injury if the battery is incorrectly replaced or mistreated. Preventing Electrostatic Damage. Changing the jumper from pins to pins Place the pale blue sticker included with the battery kit above the power connector on the back of the workstation.

Microsoft Windows Professional. Upgrading The Processor Processors Install the second processor. To view information about the system once it has been configured. Memory Max Supported Size. Optical Storage Media Load Type.

This is important to ensure workstation operating integrity. This chapter also identifies all internal components. Reconfiguring the Workstation System configuration is the process of specifying the devices and programs that make up a system.

Install a padlock not provided through bracket A to inhibit access to the interior of the workstation. Installing bracket A Place bracket B over bracket A to cover the retaining screw. To change the Setup Password, run Computer Setup.

Compaq sp750 drivers

Identifying The Internal Components Identifying the Internal Components The following illustration and table identify the internal components of your workstation. When the indicator turns green, the drive is ready to receive commands and data may be retrieved from the disc. Display Problems Problem Blank screen. The memory modules may not be installed correctly.

Possible resource conflict with another expansion board. Replace the expansion board assembly and the side access panel. There is not enough ventilation space for proper airflow. Identifying components from side view Ref.

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Printer Problems Problem Printer will not print. Most software applications support the use of a mouse. Drive cable is not properly connected.

Other than using different screw holes, the installation for both drives is basically the same. Removing The Expansion Board Assembly Removing the Expansion Board Assembly The expansion board assembly has expansion board slots on both the top and the bottom of the assembly.

If the original battery becomes inoperative, you must install a second battery. The password must be entered each time the workstation is turned on when the key icon appears on the monitor.

This Compaq initiative ensures compatibility and integration of Intelligent Manageability features with leading systems management products. If you do not have any of the suggested equipment for proper grounding, have an Authorized Compaq Reseller install the part. Be sure to configure new options and drivers in your operating system after they have been configured by Computer Setup.

Reconfiguring The Workstation Turn on the monitor, workstation, and any devices you installed. Separate the pieces of the security bracket by bending the metal where the three pieces join. There is a problem with the cable or a device at the other end of the cable. The network controller is not configured for this workstation. The bottom group of nine screws is for installing removable media storage devices in the front drive bays.

Min Operating Temperature. For a description of each light, refer to the corresponding table. Networking Data Link Protocol. Identifying The System Board Components Identifying the System Board Components The following illustration and table identify the internal system board components of your workstation. Refer to the corresponding table for a description of each component.

Installation Procedures Installation Procedures The battery that came with the workstation is permanently installed on the system board. Manufacturer Warranty Type.

Physical Characteristics Form Factor. It also identifies and explains some common messages you may receive on the screen.

Third-party software tools are required to remotely distribute software. Mainboard Processor Socket.