Analogman Blues Driver

Prices for the various mods are found below or on the Mod Form for sending in with your pedal. This lowers noise and improves tone. Pretty much a tube screamer sound, with a clean amp it does not add a lot of distortion, but with a cranked marshall it's enough for Monster Magnet's thick Sabbath type tones. Ibanez told me that Roland Boss has a patent on asymmetrical clipping, which gives it a bit more volume, harmonics, atom 330 chipset driver and crunch.

There is not as much difference in sound when played through an already distorted amp. It replaces many of the cheap components that Boss uses in order to make the stock pedal a super deal for the price with expensive, high grade audio parts. Also it includes most of our silver mod parts from the tube screamer, many upgraded capacitors. We are also changing circuit values in several places to make the tone control more useable and less shrill high end. You should use good patch cords like George L's or Lava which we carry to allow the full sound to come through.


We also change a bunch of cheap capacitors used for tone control to high grade metal film caps. This is cool for heavier modern sounds but sometimes too thin in the mids for classic distortion sounds, especially through a Fender type amp which has weak mids. Basically we modify many production pedals to make them sound better.

Boss Effects Pedals and Modifications

87 Drivers Per Minute

The ones we can modify have a large circuit board that fills up the pedal. We came up with a mod to do that in early and can offer it now. You can choose three settings, clean, medium, or full gain.

We can mod this pedal with an expression control jack on the right side. We also re-equalized the pedal for a punchier sound without adding more distortion or noise.

Boss Effects

Play gently and get a clear, clean tone, play harder and the crunch and distortion comes out clear and full! It leaves plenty of distortion available, but you can hear the guitar's actual sound after the mod. Here is the youtube video.

Analog Man Boss BD-2/Super

Raw really allows you to hear subtle differences while the studio mix is great for hearing it with a band. Your best bet is getting a used one and sending it in for mods.

Our midrange knob works great then, allowing you to add in the normal frequencies that sound great with guitar while keeping the annoying high end under control. We also move the frequency of the lowest Hz slider up a bit, as it's too low for normal guitar use.

He said he loves it for crunchy rhythm and riffs, that it really blended in well with the band. And you can still press the normal rocker switch by analoyman on the right.

The new industry-leading looping tool for live performance! Our mod Tone sweep, first stock, then our mod. Fuller sound than the original but still translates nuances of pick attack. All up, they both sound very natural, organic, unprocessed, unsynthetic. If your tremolo sounds weak we have come up with a mod to improve the tone and make it stronger too.

The new ones have a tiny board that's just in the area by the knobs. This pedal has got to be the most tone for the buck available today.

Analogman blues driver

The bypassed tone is quite good, but if you want true bypass, check into the Strobostomp tuner. Here is a video of Frog at our shop with the pedal.

In we came up with a mod to allow dialing in more mids for more of a classic tube amp sound. And the gain sweep from minimum to full drive is completely useable. The H is high impedance for mono guitar or expression pedal control using a high resistance pot.

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Even with a clean amp, this pedal can get quite a good amount of crunchy distortion. After the mods they are smoother and less harsh, more musical, less like a pedal and more like a great cranked tube amp. Use our Mod Form to send it in for the mod, it has prices for all these options. This pedal sounds amazing, and offers a stunning graphical view of the virtual rotors on its built-in display.